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Becoming a Resident / Intern Student Firefighter for Pinal Rural Fire and Rescue

General Information

          The Resident Student / Intern Program is designed to augment local volunteer firefighters and emergency medical personnel with additional trained and motivated certified Firefighter / EMTs. Although it will strengthen resources in the stations using the program, it will not replace existing resources.

          Then general philosophy of the Resident / Intern Student Program is to provide a financially supported learning opportunity in conjunction with the Fire Science and Emergency Medical Programs at an institution of higher learning in trade for firefighting, emergency medical and other related Fire District services of the participants.

          We are looking for highly motivated people who have a good work ethic and a positive attitude. Someone who is team and goal oriented. The candidate for the Resident Student / Intern Program must have good ethics and morals as well as a professional appearance.

General Requirements

  • Students must be at least 18 years of age by the date of enrollment in the program.
  • Have a high school diploma or GED.
  • Students must possess a valid Arizona driver’s license and be insurable by the Fire District’s insurance carrier.
  • Students must pass an application process and backgroind check as defined by the Department.

Educational Requirements

  • Student Residents must be enrolled as a student in a Fire Suppression or Fire Prevention program at an accredited college, AND
  • Student must maintain a 2.50 GPA, OR
  • Intern Firefighters must be a certified FF I & II as well as an Arizona certified EMT or Paramedic.

Shift & Work Requirements

        Students / Interns for Pinal Rural Fire and Rescue will be assigned to a shift schedule.

       During this time the Student / Intern will operate as a member of a team while responding to any emergency in the district as well as performing any daily or weekly tasks that need to be done, such as; apparatus checks, building maintenance, public education, etc.


Students / Interns for the Pinal Rural Fire and Rescue will be assigned based on the district’s current staffing needs.


Students / Interns for Pinal Rural Fire and Rescue may receive a tuition / intern reimbursement stipend

Selection Process

  • Candidates must complete and turn in a Fire Department Application
  • Applications will be screened for eligibility and completeness.
  • Resumes are preferred but not required.
  • Chosen Candidates will then be invited to participate in a panel interview.
  • Upon successful completion of these steps candidates will be chosen based on their application, their interview and the current staffing needs of the District.

Questions??   Please call us at 520-465-5300 Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm or   Email us at

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