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     We think it could NEVER happen to us.........We would NEVER forget our kids or our pets and leave them in a hot car but the sad fact is, it can happen to ANYONE!!

     On average 30 to 40 kids die from being left in a hot car each year. Experts have said again and again that these deaths are preventable. The reason for the majority of the deaths are due to a change in routine for the parents. A good example of a change in routine is when one parent who usually drops the child off at daycare, for whatever reason, doesn't on a particular day and that task is done by the other parent. Thinking about what they need to do that day or being distracted by talking on a cell phone, the parent with the child goes about their business forgetting about their precious extra passenger.

     How hot can it get in your vehicle and how fast? Check out these statistics.......on a 70 degree day

After 10 minutes = 89°F

After 20 minutes = 99°F

After 30 minutes = 104°F

After 60 minutes = 113°F

After 2 hours = 120°F

     So, how can you help prevent this preventable death? Here are a few simple tips:

  1. Put something you need, your cell phone, brief case or purse in the back seat with the child.
  2. Put a child's toy, like a teddy bear, in the front passenger seat. You can even use the passenger seat belt to buckle the bear into the seat.
  3. Always "look before you lock".
  4. Place the child seat in the middle of the back seat NOT behind the driver or passenger seat.
  5. Make arrangements with your child's daycare provider to call you if the child doesn't arrive, as expected, at day care. If you won't be taking your child to daycare on a particular day, let the daycare know.
  6. Talk with anyone, grandparents, babysitters, etc. who might have the child traveling with them about the dangers of leaving a child in a vehicle.
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