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Continuing education is vital in the fire service. It can happen in the classroom, out at a training facility or online. A firefighter should NEVER let his or her skills become dormant or old.

Here are some links to online educational opportunities you can complete ate your own pace and that are FREE! Once you complete a course, print out your certificate or proof of completion and give a copy to Captain Hauca.

A record of continuing education will be kept on all Pinal Rural Fire & Medical District personnel.

FEMA Independent Study Courses

FEMA Independent Study courses offer the student a variety of topics to choose from. All courses are FREE and after successful completion you can print out a course completion certificate. You will have to have a Student Identification Number (SID) in order to take any of the Independent Study courses but you can easily obtain one by applying on the Independent Study website.

Here is s direct link to the FEMA Independent Study website where you can view and select from all the courses offered.

Copy & paste the web address below into your browser. It will take you to FEMA's Independent Study web site where you can choose from a whole list of FREE courses you can take.

Pinal Rural Fire & Medical District personnel are required to take the following courses:

IS-100 / IS-700 / IS-800

Once you complete a course and take and pass the quiz at the end of the course you will be able to print out a certificate issued by FEMA. Make a copy of the certificate and submit it to your Captain so proof of successful course completion can be placed in your "Training" file.

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